Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cruising Results - Week 1

The Amos', Jen and Geoff, along with Terry and I set a goal to start our Lifestyle Plan together as couples on 10-20-11 and our reward is a Cruise together. May we have week 1's results please?

Cruising Results - Week 1: 10-27-11

Team Jenkins (-) 13 pounds
Team Amos (-) 18 pounds
Total Lost (-) 31 pounds, week 1.

Great Job! We lost a 2 year old!!!!

We made a commitment to change our lifestyle and live healthier. We are making healthy choices and seeing results. We are not dieting but committed to a healthier lifestyle.

Keep up the good work Team Amos and I will keep motivating Team Jenkins as well.

Have a Blessed and Healthy Day!

Jump Start

I love getting a jumpstart on holiday gifts so I can enjoy the month of December without spending time in crowded stores, standing in line and hoping they haven't sold of the one thing I was looking for.

After lots of research and creative thought, I have made a decision on the Jenkins Christmas Gifts that will be made and given out to family and friends this holiday season. They are both affordable, practical, scrumptious and will definitely be used!

I'm excited because that only leaves me with having to come up with gifts for Terry, my Mum and a few children's gifts.

If you need help this holiday season with gift giving ideas, shopping tips or even a personal shopper and gift wrapper, look me up! I am available and would love to help you make your holiday season easy and enjoyable.

Have a blessed day!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Share the Joy!

Today Pastor Ben talked about Joy. Phil. 1:3-8. He asked if we were filled with Joy? Do you think of others first? Do you pray for others before you pray for yourself? What is your talent? Are you joyful in everything you do?

I felt like sharing with you some of the points he talked about today and I pray that you find your Joy!

We should:

1. Focus on goodness, kindness and the success of others.
God gives us Grace so we don't find fault or harbor on the faults of others.

2. Focus on the needs of others. Pray for others often even before we pray for ourselves. Make requests to God for others.

"Talking to Men for God is a great thing but talking to God for Men is greater still". E.M. Bounds.

3. Focus on furthering the Kingdom of God. Partnership=Fellowship, Communication.

Pastor said "People who drink crave the emotion they get from it; they don't crave the drink itself. There is a lie connected with the High. This kind of Joy is short lived; the high is tied to the low." (I never thought of it like that.)

There is something fundamental about making a difference in the life of others. What are you doing to make a difference? What are you doing to exude Joy with yourself and others?

We all need to live for something other than ourselves. Do everything with Joy!

4. Focus on the fact you cannot fail.

5. Focus on loving others.

Be affectionate to others, especially your spouse. Let him/her know you have them in your heart, whether you tell them, text them or leave them a sweet little love note, share the JOY!

Relationships are worth investing in. Are you getting a return on your investment?

Live in Joy!

Praying for you today and that you find Joy in your life and share your Joy with others.

Have a blessed day!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Back to the Basics

Life has a way of getting busier and busier and over a short amount of time I found myself off my plan. It's time to get back to reading my daily devotionals and get back on my lifestyle plan. I know better but let the various situations in life take control rather than being committed to myself and my goals. It's time to get back to the basics!

Thursday of this week Terry & I along with Jen & Geoff officially started the Lifestyle Plan as couples so we can encourage one another to reach our goals, make healthy choices and feel better. Once we meet our goal, our reward is a cruise together. We think that is a win, win for all. My husband has been on blood pressure medication for several years and now he is going the herbal route and with that he needs to get in shape and make healthy food choices so he can prolong his life. We all have something that is driving us to be better, do better and make better choices.

I'm personally miserable and have to make the right choices for my life that includes making healthier choices, making myself eat small portions 4-5 times a day, remembering to take my daily vitamins and get moving to keep my metabolism up, I have no natural metabolism. I've been busy but down in the dumps about the job situation. We are not going to be able to make it if I don't get a full time job soon. With the downturn in the economy, after being laid off in Destin, I found myself working 4 part time jobs and I literally ran myself into a physical stew-per and can't do that again. My feet and legs still have not recuperated from all the work I did on my feet for the past couple of years. I’m praying for a full time job offer with benefits in the near future and hope you will pray for me as well.

Jen & Geoff recently married and want to start their marriage off right with the lifestyle plan so they will be healthy for life!

So as we embark on another adventure in life I am going to "Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say Rejoice" as I work my way back to a happier, healthier me! I have written recipes, planned our menus and already have tomorrow's lunch in the crock pot so I don't have to worry about cooking after church. It's Mexican Chicken Soup, very light, very healthy and delicious. I will share some of our healthier recipes with you over the next few days, weeks and months and let you know our Couples Plan Status.

Jen & I are having a hard time keeping the guys on plan, but we are sticking to it, we will see who the biggest loser at the end is. Jen suggested a Cruise Jar...$5 for every pound lost; $5 every time you cheat on the plan and husbands to match wives weight loss with $5 /per pound lost. This way we can earn our Cruise Fund while getting fit, eating healthier and reaching our goals.

Hope you have the courage to get back to the basics in your life if you have found yourself off your plan or not achieving your goals. My hope is that we can encourage each other with the power of prayer and friendship.

I've gotten back to the basics, how about you?

Have a blessed day!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Apple Brine Pork Chops with Baked Apples

Do you love Pork and Apples? This is so easy! Below you will find an easy Apple Brine Pork Chop recipe that you can grill after brining and delicious, easy Baked Apples...

Apple Brine Pork Chops with Baked Apples
4-6 pork chops (boneless or bone-in, your choice)
2+ cups Apple Juice, Apple Cider or Mulled Cider
Cavender's Greek Seasoning
Can of Apple Pie Filling (regular or sugar free)
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/2 stick butter
Cooking Spray

Wash, tenderize and season your pork chops. In a large flat container or Pyrex dish, place your seasoned pork chops, pour your apple juice or cider on top (need to have enough liquid to cover the pork chops). Cover the container and refrigerator for 1-4 hours. You are brining your pork and infusing the apple cider/juice flavors in the meat.

After Brining 1-4 hours, remove container from refrigerator. Remove pork chops from brine mixture. Season with a little salt/pepper (just a little) and grill pork chops until done (pork needs to register at 145-150 degrees), approx. 20-25 minutes. You do not want to over-cook your pork, it will dry it out.

While cooking pork chops, in a separate glass container, spray with cooking spray. Add your uncooked apple pie filling, top with your brown sugar along with a few shakes of cinnamon and nutmeg. Add a few squares of butter on top and cook uncovered for 25-30 minutes on 350.

Serve your pork chops on top of a heaping spoon of baked apples. I typically also serve with fresh green beans steamed with a little garlic and onion.

I take the extra baked apples the next night serve them hot in individual parfait glasses topped with a little cool whip for dessert.

This makes a very easy, delicious Southern Fall Dinner.

Bon Appetit!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Be Creative - Homemade Holiday Gift Ideas

Be Creative! Money is tight for a lot of us these days and as our holiday gift list grows larger and larger, I thought I would share some easy and inexpensive gift ideas. Go ahead and get started, many of these ideas can be started now so you have more time to enjoy the holiday season.

Recipe Books:
You can take postcard printer paper, print out your recipes from your computer and make personal recipe books or just give out a single recipe to go along with a homemade treat. You can put your index printed recipe cards in a recipe book binder or you can hole-punch the cards in the top, with two holes, add rings and you have an index sized recipe book. Check out

Homemade Sugar Scrub:
These are so easy to make. Check out recipes and photos at

Homemade Bath Salts:
Easy to make using Epsom salts, fragrance oil, etc. Use decorative bottles, mason jars, or any other container with lid. You can decorate the container or just tie a ribbon around it. Here is a website for more details:

Make your own spices, bbq dry ribs, dip mixes, etc. place in airtight containers, personalize and makes easy delicious gift ideas. Google what you would like to make and you can find container ideas and even recipes, inexpensive yet delicious. My husband makes the best dry rub so who knows, we may be making a large batch and placing in decorative containers and placing your Christmas gift...You can be creative, and print off decorative instructions or ingredients and attach to each container of suggested use or mix with xyz to make 8 oz. dip, etc. Again, personal, unusual and delicious!

Sweet Treats: You can make up batches of your favorite holiday treats including cookies, brownies, etc. and place in clear bags with decorative ribbon or in decorative boxes, tins, etc. this holiday season. Add recipe cards noting the recipe for each type of treat and personally delivery. It's easy, fun and delicious. Just be sure not to let them melt in hot area or let them go stale if you make too soon in advance.

Popcorn Bucket Baskets: Right now Dollar Tree has the plastic Popcorn Bucket $1 with 4 popcorn cups $1, add some microwave popcorn or old fashion popping corn, a dvd or movie gift card, you can add bottle cokes, m&m, etc. and it makes a fun FAMILY gift idea. Get some clear cellophane and wrap it up like a basket gift once you have filled the popcorn bucket up. We gave these out a couple of years ago, fun gifts for guys, girls, and families.

Gift Certificates: Do you like to take the easy route and just give gift certificates for the holidays. They make great gifts. Why not dress up that G/C and either add a little something creative with it or wrap it up in a decorative bag with ribbon so the loved one you are giving it to has something to open and then they have the joy of spending your G/C at a later day. Be creative!

Photo Books: you can go through your photos from the past year of you, your family, your children, your animals, etc. and upload to a photo center and create a very unique photo book. It's inexpensive, personal and a fun gift for all. You can also create fun photo calendars for 2012, coffee cups, t-shirts, etc.

Art: Are you or your children artistic? Draw a simple picture, have copies made on cardstock, frame and give as gifts to each family member.
You can get plain white note cards and have your children draw/color on the front of each notecard. Tie up the set with their matching envelopes and you have a great gift of personal art stationary for your loved ones.
Painting, get a few inexpensive small canvases, have your kids or yourself paint on them for gifts. It can be as simple as a Cross, or put the family's initial in the center and add dots around it, it's creative, simple, inexpensive but would mean the world to the person you are giving it to. Think of their home colors and use coordinating paint colors so it will coordinate with their decor.

Mixed CD: Do you love music? You can make personalized mixed CD for your friends and family...

Photo CD: you can take family memories from the past year or for many years and make a photo cd, add a framed family photo and make a neat family gift basket.

Personalized Trivet: you can take small tile squares, add felt to back and with paint, paint designs, family initial, etc. on the front of your homemade trivet and give as a family gift.

There are many more things you can make, put on your thinking cap and remember to be creative...As I run across more ideas I will share them with you.

Have a blessed day!

Monday, October 10, 2011

I can't believe the holidays are drawing near and that gets me to thinking about decorating for each season, special recipes that I love to prepare and parties, events, and time together with the family.

I am going to host a Sip 'n Shop at our home in Jackson, Sat. October 22th from 10-2. Buy now; have it delivered to your door in time for your holiday event or to put under the tree. No need to take it home and have to hide it, I will personally wrap it and deliver it to your door.

I will have gift baskets and gift bags put together with various BC products for easy shopping. You will be able to purchase and place your holiday gift order at the Sip 'n Shop and I will personally wrap and deliver your bags/baskets to your door in December. You can purchase gifts for work parties, teachers, family, and friends for him or her from $10 up. Gift Certificates for BC products will also be available, gift wrapped and delivered to your door. Accepting Cash and Credit Cards.

Ladies, be sure to let your husband, sons, daughters or significant other know what you would like for Christmas and they can come as well or contact me directly to place an order or even better, then can go ahead and purchase a gift card for you so you can place an order of the products you need or want. Be sure to remember to write your own personal Christmas list this year and include your BC SPA products.

I am setting goals for myself with my SPA business to make cash this year to pay for Christmas (btw, let me know if you want to make your Christmas shopping budget in cash $$ this year-I'll tell you how you can), help me and I will help you with your Holiday Shopping in one easy step.

I know I will be making delicious Holiday Cider for the Sip 'n Shop and making a few of our family treasured recipes as well. Hope you will come by, visit and shop on the 22nd!

It's time to start making your Christmas list out so you can get a jumpstart on the holidays. Check out my webpage for more holiday ideas at

As soon as I get the holiday gift bags/baskets put together I will photograph and place on the blog for advance orders if you are interested.

Have a blessed day!