Sunday, October 23, 2011

Share the Joy!

Today Pastor Ben talked about Joy. Phil. 1:3-8. He asked if we were filled with Joy? Do you think of others first? Do you pray for others before you pray for yourself? What is your talent? Are you joyful in everything you do?

I felt like sharing with you some of the points he talked about today and I pray that you find your Joy!

We should:

1. Focus on goodness, kindness and the success of others.
God gives us Grace so we don't find fault or harbor on the faults of others.

2. Focus on the needs of others. Pray for others often even before we pray for ourselves. Make requests to God for others.

"Talking to Men for God is a great thing but talking to God for Men is greater still". E.M. Bounds.

3. Focus on furthering the Kingdom of God. Partnership=Fellowship, Communication.

Pastor said "People who drink crave the emotion they get from it; they don't crave the drink itself. There is a lie connected with the High. This kind of Joy is short lived; the high is tied to the low." (I never thought of it like that.)

There is something fundamental about making a difference in the life of others. What are you doing to make a difference? What are you doing to exude Joy with yourself and others?

We all need to live for something other than ourselves. Do everything with Joy!

4. Focus on the fact you cannot fail.

5. Focus on loving others.

Be affectionate to others, especially your spouse. Let him/her know you have them in your heart, whether you tell them, text them or leave them a sweet little love note, share the JOY!

Relationships are worth investing in. Are you getting a return on your investment?

Live in Joy!

Praying for you today and that you find Joy in your life and share your Joy with others.

Have a blessed day!

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