Monday, December 26, 2011


So today as I sit back and think about all the family fun we've had the past couple of days, I also have been praying for each of you as we celebrated Jesus birthday.

I bet many of you are like us starting Christmas Eve starting our progressive Christmas festivites going from house to house, visiting with family with lots of laughter and sharing stories of the past year, weeks or months since we last got together, enjoying delicious food and exchanging gifts. Christmas is my favorite time of year, the joy of the season, the anticipation of watching the children celebrate, and now it's over for another year but we are able to take Jesus with us and celebrate Him in our lives each and every day. I was blessed this Christmas to spend time with many of you and yes, Santa was very good to me as well.

We are off to enjoy some non-traditional Christmas food, Spaghetti!

Hope you all enjoyed Christmas with family and friends and celebrated the birth of Christ.

Have a blessed day and Merry Christmas!

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