Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Grandmother, My Mentor, My Rock

Heaven gained an angel last night as my Grandmother went home to be with the Lord. We, her family, was gathered around her rejoicing and weeping as she drew her last breath here on earth and made her heavenly journey. She had a gathering of family and friends awaiting her heavenly arrival as well; her Momma, Daddy, brother and sister, her daugther and her husband, my daddy, her two husbands, cousins and many other family and friends were there by God's side greeting her with open arms and today she is walking the streets of gold, no longer in need a walker, wheelchair or any assistance from us. Her homegoing was peaceful after a battle with leukemia.

My Grandmother was a spiritual woman. She loved the Lord, had a gentle spirit and a servants heart. Many people stay I take after my Grandmother that way, which is such a compliment. I spent boo-kuttles of time at my Grandmother's house growing up from infant until she moved into the assisted living, 6 years ago. We moved to FL right after and every visit home included time spent with my Grandmother. Since we moved back to TN last July, I have spent many hours by her side and would not have traded a minute of it.

I have so many grand memories with my Grandmother. I always LOVED spending time with my Grandmother and so many of my memories throughout my life revolve around Grandma-ma.

She was self-employed as a seamstress so there were always ladies coming ang going from Grandma-ma's house trying on clothes she had made them, derpping off and picking up their alterations and it never failed that I would step on at least 10 straight pins that had fallen into her shag carpet in the bedroom when I came to visit. If there were scraps of fabric leftover she would make me something out of them. Many times she made me dresses, clothes for my dolls, blankets, an apron, a bible cover, a purse and even a scarf/bandana for my hair (when I was a pre-teen and that was in style)...

She was my mentor. She was always telling me she loved me and she was proud of me. She never failed to teach me something when I was with her, whether it was a way to sew, a scriptute verse, a way to be kind to others, a way to show someone I cared, etc. She was a giving and loving person and I have strived to be like her.

She will be missed on this earth but over the course of her 91 years, she touched many lives including mine and I will always remember her sweet spirit, smile and the fact that she LOVED me and was PROUD of me and told me that every time I saw her.

Today Grandma-ma, I am so blessed to have had a Grandmother like you, who loved me, encouraged me, taught me, and who loved to spend time with me. I pray the Lord will use me my next next 50+ years the way he used you every day as you spread his love through all you said and all you did for others. Lord, give me a servants heart and a gentle spirit like my Grandmother for all the days of my life.

I love you and will miss you Grandma-ma but I know I have another angel looking out for me and can't wait until the day I make my journey to Heaven and you and the rest of my heavenly family are there to welcome me with open arms.

God Bless!

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  1. Beautiful and well spoken. I love the relationship you two shared. Such a blessing both ways. : )