Wednesday, March 28, 2012

When is enough, enough?

I am hoping this blog post doesn't offend anyone but I am very annoyed today and not sure what to do next. Let me give you the back story here.

We moved to Jackson, TN back the end of July. The first three months we were bombarded with local churches stopping by, ringing the door bell, inviting us to church, inviting us to dedicate our life to the Lord, leaving literature. If I was home I spoke to these individuals letting them know we are CHRISTIANS. A couple of the local churches continue, even today, to come by during the day and ring the door bell again (typically while my husband is sleeping after closing the restaurant the night before and it not only wakes him up but sends our dogs in a barking tissy). Several months ago I made a Christian Home sign with a cross and no-soliciting over our door bell which seemed to help some. There is also a huge metal cross decor piece on our front door.

The churches we visited when we first moved here didn't even come by the house instead they sent emails, letters or postcards thanking us for attending and welcoming us to come back again. I understand outreach ministries but when the same churches keep coming again and again after we have told them we are Christians and have a church home, what do we do short of calling the pastor and asking them to stop coming to our home? It honestly feels like we are being harrassed to try there church. Were do you draw the line?

I am a CHRISTIAN. I proclaim HIM as my Lord and Savior. I read HIS word. I pray. I am active in church. I strive to live my life in christ like manner. My husband is a CHRISTIAN. I am all for proclaiming HIS name but not in a harrassing way. You should live your life with a christian walk but not by hounding and harrassing others to come to your church or dedicate your life to the Lord in their presence. Ours isn't the only house they hit, they go to all the houses in our neighborhood. I am a BELIEVER and I'm Aggrevated. What are the non-believers thinking?

Suggestions are appreciated.


A Frustrated Christian

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