Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Excited about our Christmas projects this year! As the years go by we have more family, friends and coworkers in our life that we want to share the joy of the season with but are limited with our gift giving.

We decided on homemade gifts for many of our family, friends and coworkers this year and Christmas Project No. 1 is complete and so far looks successful with only one injury - I burned my thumb this morning (thank goodness for silverdine (sp).)

Christmas Project No. 2 to begin this afternoon but already appears I need more of one ingredient.

Christmas if my favorite time of year if you haven't already guessed it by now. I love to celebrate the birth of Christ and share HIS joy, love and peace with others. My goal is to lead by example and hope others see HIS joy in me.

I'm a giver if you haven't noticed by now and I love to give tokens of joy to others to see a smile or make their day, that's just who I am. This year we are sharing our Joy with others in many ways.

I am already in the mood to start playing Christmas music and start decorating the house but will wait...Typically after giving Thanks and spending time with family and friends on Thanksgiving, we pull down the tree and decorations on the Friday after Thanksgiving; we will see if I can hold out that long this year.

I had a good 2nd interview today with a Plumbing Company, I know nothing about plumbing but know everything about keeping their Finances and HR straight for them so we will see if this is God's Plan for me. I should hear back by the end of the week.

With that in mind, I am thankful that I started our Christmas Projects, one less thing to worry about. Just have to come up with creative labels, gift tags and wrapping this year. Yes, I am one of those that like themed gifts so they all coordinate under our tree.

Well, I'm going to start working on C/P No.2 so need to go.

Have a blessed day!

I'm going to start posting Thanksgiving Recipes each week between now and Thanksgiving so keep reading the blog. Bon Appetit!

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