Sunday, November 27, 2011

What are you Giving?

It's here, the Christmas Season! We all have been busy decking the halls, checking out black friday deals and wrapping the gifts we already purchased just to get them out of the closets and under the tree. We are working on our Christmas Cards and working on the Christmas Shopping List. Have you thought to take time to Remember the Reason for the Season?

I ask each of you to take a few minutes, read the Christmas Story (Luke Chapter 2) in the bible, share this story with your family and friends. This IS the REASON for the Christmas Holiday Season.

We were given a Gift, the son of God, Jesus Christ born in a stable to Mary and Joseph. How are you sharing this gift? Not only is it our responsibility to share the story of Jesus with others, we need to think about others.

I just read a blog by a woman who is doing just that; she is passing it forward ( She recommended taking a bag of goodies with you wherever you go this holiday season and spreading God's love. Give the person that gives you your order at the drive-thru window a piece of candy with a sweet note attached. Give the "cookie lady" at the grocery store a bundle of flowers. Give the person checking you out in that busy department store a candy cane and a smile. It doesn't take a lot of money, it's the little things that go a long way to make someone smile and make them feel appreciated. You can make gift tags and add to your tokens you hand out with the Scripture reference for the Christmas Story or just add God Loves You - Merry Christmas!

Give of yourself this holiday season. We all get busy with work, kids, church activities, parties, shopping and family gatherings. I encourage each of you to Remember the Reason for the Season and Pay it Forward! Share the love of God this holiday season with your kind smile, sweet spirit and gifts of sweet nothings.

Have a blessed day and remember God Loves You!

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