Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hormones, recipes and more...

As I get older each and every year my body changes and for me these changes are not good. I'm bigger than I've ever been in my life, yes I said it out loud but believe it has to do with major hormone issues or lack there of. Is anyone else out there having hormone issues? I had to have an emergency hysterectomy back in '07 and I had been on so many hormones trying to help all my issues that I refused hormone replacement meds and went the natural herbal route. Well that worked great for a few years but the herbal remedies are full of soy and I am now allergic to soy. I haven't had anything in almost a year and MUST find hormones! Trying to get into to see a doctor here and get lab work done but this is just nuts. The weight gain, the loss of energy, the mood swings and the night sweats have got to go!

I decided this year I am not focusing on unrealistic new years resolutions and goals. This year I just want to be happy being me, in my own skin. Currently not so happy with me in my own skin but working on changing that!

I starting the year planning out our meals each week, selecting healthy and heart-healthy recipes for us that are really simple and easy to prepare. I just love Skinny Ms. website and recipes. I have made a lot of their recipes for the slow cooker and oven and they are low in calories and just delicious. You should check out their website www.skinnyms.com. You can take your favorite recipes that you know by heart and look at making those recipes with healthy ingredients. For one, we are using fresh ingredients. Processed foods are not the best for us and I know fresh costs a little more but aren't we worth it? If you plan your meals and make your shopping list before you go to the store, you cut down on purchasing "extra's" that may not be on your plan or that are not good for you.

Anyway, today just talking about what was on my mind. Please post your thougths, any suggestions you have for me regarding my hormone issues and any great healthy recipes you make.

Thanks and Bon Appetit!

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