Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A picture is worth a thousand words...

We have all heard the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words", did you know it originated from a chinese proverb? As I sit at my desk and I surrounded by smiling faces (i.e. pictures of family, friends, children, youth, adults, etc.) and it got me to thinking... How many pictures do you have in a box or a drawer in your house or stored on your camera? It's time to pull them out and share your life's story with others.

I had several blonde moments when I could not figure out how to print the pictures that we post to facebook. I don't have a photo printer at the house and other than clicking and printing I had uploaded photos from my iphone and our nikon to facebook directly and still couldn't print the ones on facebook or print facebook pictures I was tagged in. Thanks to ALICE EARLE I was able to copy pictures from facebook to my laptop picture file and then send those prints to snapfish which in turn sent me 50 free pictures for my first order (I love FREE!!!).

Anyway, with that said I found myself with LOTS of pictures but not enough frames to showcase them. I changed out photos and then added frames and it is so pleasing and peaceful to look around our home and see beautiful smiling faces looking back at me. I am using pictures as accents in our home and just LOVE having frames everywhere.

I challenge you to print off or unbox your family pictures and update your frames around the house, add new frames and hang your family photos on the walls. When you are having a bad day, just look around your home or office and someone you love will be smiling back at you!!!

Have a blessed day!

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