Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Little Blessings...

Little Blessings…

Thought I would share with you some blessings that have come my way.

When we moved to Jackson back in the summer, I was able to spend time getting our home settled and spent a lot of time with our ailing family. I also began my mission to look for work. I finally landed a job in early November in a position that I am over qualified and paid much less than I am accustomed but I have learned to enjoy my M-F 8-4 job with very little responsibility and I count that a BLESSING. It is such a relief not to worry about work at night and not be the one who is called every time the alarm sounds or some emergency arises.

My 11 year old SUV died on me in late November and after much searching we found a gently used luxury SUV for a great low price and today I paid my first car note in many years. I count that a BLESSING because I have a great vehicle that I should have paid off in less than 3 years and have a better trade in value when I upgrade for new in 2014.

I am still able to work remotely on a quarterly for the Architect in Destin and I worked a few evenings that last two weeks on his 4th quarter accounting needs and made enough to pay my first car note; ding!ding!ding…BLESSING!

I received a call last night through another contact in Destin who is need of my services at night every two weeks for invoicing and payroll. If it all works out, that will be a great form of extra income every two weeks, minimal time on my part and with this extra income it will pay my car note each month. I consider this a BLESSING. Praying I will receive this BLESSING within the next month.

Santa brought us a Gold’s Gym treadmill for Christmas and as I hobbled off it this afternoon, another BLESSING because it gets my heart rate up and works out my tired and stiff muscles.

I made dinner last night for tonight so I don’t have to cook; another BLESSING in my book.

How has God blessed you? Are you thanking Him for the little BLESSINGS in your life? Think about it and say Thanks!

Enjoying my blessings and wishing you many blessings in the days ahead.

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