Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Does your job define you?

I've been pondering if a job defines me. I haven't worked the last 6 weeks since we relocated to Jackson. I am steadily seeking a new job, have interviewed and have my resume out there but this is a new concept for me. I have always been very independent and enjoyed working. The break was nice the first couple of weeks and then have spent the last two weeks mainly in Covington with my Mother, Aunt and Grandmother whose health is failing; I am so blessed to have this time with her. I have had time to visit with Emily and the kids as well (which I missed when Jonah was Georgia's age) and I cherish the times we have together, soaking up Jonah's take on life and Miss Georgia's growth and sweet smile.

I run into people everywhere I go and they ask "so what do you do" or "where do you work" and I am baffled and have to come up with a response. If I had an endless supply of funds, I would love not working and be able to go for lunch dates with friends, get mani-pedi's, hair appts, new shoes or a new fall outfit now that is starting to cool off but that is not in the budget. I'm finding it hard to ask my husband for cash or if I can schedule a hair appointment, is that in the budget this payperiod?

When we made the decision to move from Destin to Jackson I was working 4 jobs at the time. No, I am not a workaholic just doing what I had to help make ends meet and keep some pocket change for me. With the downturn in the economy I found myself out of work in my field of expertise a couple of years ago and started picking up part time jobs until I had 4 going. To say that I was exhausted all the time was an understatement but I enjoyed each and every job. I love the opportunity to meet new people and make a connection. For 16 years when someone asked "what do you" my response was "I'm in architecture" as the Director of Operations or Project Finance/HR Administrator, etc.  and for the last two years the response was "I'm in marketing" for a restaurant in Grand Blvd. Town Center, as well worked for Chico's, an architect in Destin, and a concrete contractor.

I've recently interviewed for a architectural sales rep position with an Italian tile company in Memphis. I would have a territory and call on architects and interior designers within that territory. Last I heard, the owner is still making a decision on who he is hiring for this position and I'm still in the running. I have submitted my resume for a Construction Project Analyst in Millington and for a variety of positions at Regional Hospital of Jackson, Operations Manager for a new Dental clinic in Medina, and numerous other positions in the Jackson area. I have sent emails to area architects along with my resume in case their firms are looking for someone as well. I have made contact with many business associates between Nashville and Memphis just to see if anyone knows of anyone hiring with my skill set. I honestly don't want a 8-5 M-F job but can't afford not to have one. I am praying that the right job for me, a job that I will enjoy and excel at, will be available to me soon.

To answer my question at the start of this blog, NO a job does not define you. Sometimes a job is just a job, a way to provide income for you and your family and a way to connect to the outside world. Today I am going to seize the day and be proud to be a Housewife. I am going to clean my house back up after having family over yesterday, do laundry, and try to relax while checking out indeed, simply hired, monster, craigslist, etc. for new job postings.

Happy Tuesday and hope you do something fun and creative today. Have a blessed day!

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