Thursday, September 22, 2011


This morning as I went to put some BC items in my guest closet, I saw in the cureo the book my Grandmother made for me it's called "Grandmother's Memories". Today I would like to share some of the things she wrote in this book with you.

"When I was a baby...
I was born April 19, 1920 in Covington, TN Route #1. I was named Dorothy Gertrude Walton. I was born with blonde hair and blue eyes. When I was a baby, some people said that I only weighed 3 1/2 pounds but that in my Mother's words "I growed off real good".

A story my family tells about me when I was a baby is that I was so small that I could fit in a shoe box. When I was six weeks old I had a cist removed from my leg and that I was the youngest baby that Dr. Sale had ever put to sleep. They said that after that I was a healthy, happy baby. I had loving, caring parents who took care of me.

When I was a child
One of my earliest childhood memories is of my Grandfather rocking me and siging to me a song about angels watching over me.

My nickname was Dot because it was a shortened version of my name, I do not know how early I was called Dot, but most of my life.

The most popular games then were hide and seek, jump rope, hop scotch, annie over, marbles and of course playing with our dolls and dishes and making mud pies.

My childhood favorites: Doll named Ruth given by our Auntie. Set of china dishes and cook stove and broom.
Favorite Songs: Jesus Loves Me, The Church in the Wildwood, Aint Gonna Rain No More, Uncle Bud.
Books - First Reader - Baby Ray, Sunday School Cards and books.
Movies - Tarzan of the Apes, Katz and Jammer Kids.
Activies - Going to church, visiting my grandparents and other relatives. I think the happiest place that we lived when I was a child was at the Walton home place in the house with Uncle Carl and Aunt Pauline. We did so many things there. One of my favorites was fishing in teh creek behind the house. Aunt Paulinemade us hooks from bending straight pins and tying them to twine strip and onto cane. She would make a float from the cork tops of snuff bottles. She always went with us and we caught lots of fish.

Some things from my childhood that I will always remember are the house were I was born and lived until after I started school. Mammy Jane, who helped Mama in the house and helped with us children. She was very black and very tall and real sweet and nice to us. Going to church in a top buggy. I sat between Daddy & Mama. Mam held Annie Mildred and Leno sat in the floor board. I remember Grandma's beautiful house, her chocolate cake and her little bed. Granddaddy cutting my hair in his shop. The button on collars that he wore on his shirts and what nice people they were.

When I was a Teen
I remember being a teenager as if it were yesterday. I had lots of friends and lot os fun. We worked hard in the fields chopping and picking cotton, but we played just as hard whe the work was all done. We could always have firends at home. I was happy throughout all my childhood and teenage years thanks to my parents and a God who has guided me all the way.

The most important events that I remember in my lifetime are visits to the Memphis Zoo. Going to the Reunion in Brighton, TN in the late 20's we carried a trunk of food and churn of lemonade. All the family and Uncle Carls family went from Walton Loop on a wagon, there were 10 of us. Going to Union University in Jackson, TN to the experimental station. Crossing o a ferry from the Reelfoot area to Missouri coming back through Arkansas into Memphis and then back home. The highlight of my life was coming to Charlotte to visit you (Scarlet).

Some of the things I most wanted for my children were that they would be honest, dependable and God fearing children. I tried to teach them to do their best and that happiness is not having or getting everything you want but to be content in all things and make the most of everyday.

I remember when my allowance was .25 cents a week. I could buy an ice-cream cone for .5/cents, a candy bar for 3 for .10 cents and soda pop for .5 cents. A movie ticket cost .7 cents and popcorn was .5 cents. A hamburger only cost about .10 cents and a new bicycle was less than $10.00. When I was teen and young woman, a good salary was $20.00. A nice pair of shoes cost $2.98 and I could buy a nice dress for $5.00. A typical date costs less than $2.00. New cars sold for about $600.00. A nice apartment rented fror about $10.00 per month and a typical new house sold for about $1,000.00."


WOW have times changed. This memory book is chopped full of so many more memories, these are just a few that I shared with you today. My Grandmother loves the lord and her family. She has instilled in us all the love for the Lord, the love for our family and each other, the love for our neighbors and friends. She has shown throughout her life that hard work makes you stronger and that you can get through anything with the Lord by your side.

I just felt like sharing a little bit of her childhood and history with you today, more to come on another day. I'm off to get ready and go visit with Grandmama today.

Have a blessed day!

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