Monday, September 19, 2011

Leftover Dip...

Did you know that when you have leftover dip from a party or event (i.e. spinach dip, artichoke dip, etc.), you can use that dip in your next family dinner recipe?

Add to Chicken or Pork Chops:
Pound (with a mallott or meat tenderizer) boneless chicken breast or boneless pork chops til flat, add a spoonful of your dip in the center, roll up and tie with cooking twine (or toothpick if not to thick), continue til you run out of meat/dip then bake until your meat is done (20-30+/- mins on 350). Your leftover dip will add flavor and makes a delicious meal. Serve with flavored rice, pasta or potatoes (if you like starches) or with fresh or grilled vegetables and a side salad.

Add to your Bread:
If you are making fresh bread with dinner like cresent rolls, lay the triangles flat on your greased cooking sheet, add a spoonful of your dip, roll up the dough and bake according to directions. Adds flavor to your dinner bread.

Salsa leftover:
If you have leftover salsa, add your salsa on top of chicken breasts in a greased casserole dish and bake until chicken is done. Salsa chicken can be served with spanish rice, refried beans, black beans or just with a side salad. Delicious!

I'm looking forward to hearing back from you so please let me know what recipes you created with your leftover dip.

Bon Appetit!

p.s (the spell check icon is missing from my blogger site, if there are typos please excuse me)

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