Friday, September 2, 2011

September - The start of Fall

It's September, the month of my birthday, the month that we start to see the changing of the season and the weather, we attend football games, hear about and attend hertiage days, festivals, and fairs.

This is the first September in 5 years that I will get to experience the fall season first hand. Fall was the only season of the year we didn't really experience in Florida. Our leaves didn't change, we had football, festivals and fairs but I can't wait to see the beautiful fall foliage, changing leaves and crisp evenings between now and Thanksgiving. I also can't wait to get my bales of hay, pumpkins and mums out front in celebration of fall (we never could get bales of hay, had to use bales of pine straw for our fall yard decorations).

Thinking of fall, I remember back to the days that I would go to my Grandmother's on Saturdays and we would play in the stacks of raked leaves, knowing that we would have to help re-rake them in piles after playing in them. It also reminds me of my Grandmother's apple cake. She made the most delicious apple cake. My Great-Grandmother had a delicious carmel icing recipe. This September I'm going to make my Grandmother's Apple Cake and Ice it with my Great-Grandmother's Carmel Icing, yum! The picture on the cover of the September Southern Living magazine gave me the idea to combine the two recipes.

I have been taking many of our family recipes that are "from scrach" and modifiing them to "semi-homemade" to make them easier to make and allows me to save time in the process. I am hoping to have time to write and share some of the semi-homemade family recipes soon. When I make the two "from scratch" recipes for the apple cake and carmel icing, I will see if I can modify the recipes to make "semi-homemade" and keep the same delicious flavor profile. Photos to come as well.

This week I spent a lot of time at the Assisted Living with my Grandmother, Aunt and Mother. We told stories from our childhood, stories from my Grandmother's childhood and just did lots of reminising. Family is so important to me. Always remember to LOVE your family, tell them that you LOVE them, show them that you LOVE them. We all may have disagreements or hurt feelings from time to time but you have to forgive and love them. You need each other. Remember to always hug your children not matter how old they get, tell them you love you, tell them your proud of them, support them in all they do. We (Terry & I) don't have children but we LOVE our nieces and nephews like they are our own and their children are like grandchildren to us and we LOVE them all unconditionally.

Labor Day is coming up on Monday and we are planning a cookout with our Shanklin Family here at the house with Fresh Grilled Burgers, Hot Dogs, and Smoked BBQ Bolonga. I've got a tub of outdoor game supplies in the attic. I know we have the rope for tug-a-war and hope we have the potato sacks for sack races, we have a children's horseshoe game but the adults can play it too and not sure what else so need to go to the attic when it's cooler tomorrow morning to see what I can find. It should be a fun day filled with Family and new memories.

Happy September and enjoy the long weekend! Have a blessed day!

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