Sunday, August 7, 2011

Church Home?

So not only is there the unpacking, arranging furniture, organizing drawers, and accessorizing your new home when you move to new city, there is also the search for a new church home. Today we started our mission to find a new church home. We went to Northside Assembly, which happens to be down the street from our house. It was very casual, newer facility, everyone was friendly, arrived just before the service started and it was a good. The music was good, they had a praise team leading worship, the kids sang two songs from their recent series and they put on quite a performance with their hand motions and everything, Pastor Carter delivered a really good sermon and then Communion. Looked for but didn't see my friend Kim Thompson Borders to say hello - her family attends Northside.

In Florida we attended a smaller non-denominational church and Terry really likes the small church feel and interaction, I grew up in a large church so I am good with any size as long as the church meets our needs and we are able to worship, fellowship, and be involved. We have not made a decision after this first Sunday but hopefully within a couple of weeks have a new church home in Jackson.

Have a blessed day!

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