Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Do you want a Push-Up?

How many of you know what a push-up is? The orange kind they used to sell on the neighborhood ice cream truck that would come around your neighborhood. I got one today, well a popsisle brand of a orange push-up and it just didn't taste the same as it did as when I was a child. I have some many fond memories of my childhood,  playing my friends in the neighborhood and my friends in my Grandmother's neighborhood in Covington. We all loved the ice cream truck and push-ups. We would hear the music, ask for change and run to the edge of the yard to wait on the ice cream truck to make it to our yard, oh what fun. We also climbed trees, rode our bikes throughout the neighborhood, played on our backyard swing-sets, played kickball and kick the can, we built tree houses and were told to be home by dark. If we lived close enough we would walk to school or the neighborhood store and get candy. Then after dinner, we would ask for empty glass jars, punch holes in the lid with a ice pick and go outside and catch lighting bugs. Times have changed so much and looking back I always loved time outside with my friends.

Summer also reminds me of Summer Church Camp. Oh the many many memories of Primary Day Camp, Kids Camp and then Youth Camp. As a youth I went back to Primary Day Camp and Kid's Camp as a counselor so I never really outgrew summer camp. At Primary Day Camp, we always ended the week on a Riverboat Ride with Ken Carter singing. The church bus would never start without a prayer and a song. I can remember the smell of the air, the cabins and bunk beds, naming our cabin, cabin decorations, colored bandanna's, the camp songs, the adventures, the camp romances between the campers-passing notes do you like me? I like you during our morning and evening sessions, holding hands in line for the concession stand, playing ball, swimming, sometimes lake time depending on which camp I was attending. The bonfires, the skits the counselors would put on, rejoicing and singing everyday and our worship services in the evening. I can still hear "Get your elbows off the table, round the room you must go, you must go, you must go" at each meal. I still have my Mickey Mouse Sleeping Bag Cover (just the cover) in my "Hope Chest" of memories. I will never forget Ms. Methel and her megaphone!

Oh fun Summer Memories, from push-ups to church camp, I wouldn't trade any of those memories for the world, how about you?

Have a blessed day!

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  1. O, I remember trying to keep the orange sherbert from melting all over the cardboard cover...hahaha And, loved having shaving cream fights at camp. Fun times!