Thursday, August 4, 2011

Jackson, TN

We had a hard decision to make about a month ago, but after alot of talking, praying, pros/cons lists, and heart to hearts with family, friends and business associates, we made the decision to relocate from Sunny Sandestin/Santa Rosa Beach, FL and move to Jackson, TN where Terry received an amazing job offer. It has been 10 days since the moving truck unloaded the boxes and pulled away from the house and all the boxes are unpacked, picutres are hung, furniture is in place and today my afternoon project is recovering and making new cornice boards for the windows this afternoon (how-to's coming soon).

Chocolate and Sandie are finally starting to settle in and enjoy their new digs. Terry is loving his new job (Hadley's) and is working from his home office until the restaurant is open (November). I am job hunting through my contacts and leads. I have a tentative interview next week for a Architectural Sales Rep position with a tile company and have submitted my resume for a Facilily Project Analyst in Millington. Through some new contacts recently given to me, I will be exploring positions in Marketing in the Jackson area and will be doing some door knocking next week at the local architectural firms to see if there are any openings.

Each day has been filled with some project or another at the house, I took a break on Monday to spend the day at the beautiful Memphis Zoo with our Goddaughter, Sarah and her Mom and friend, Teresa. We have been burning up I-40 making several trips to Memphis to visit friends and family, made a trip to Covington last week to visit family before the virus got around and are hopeful to go back this weekend to check in on everyone if they are all well.

We have great neighbors, they have introduced themselves, brought us homemade cakes, offered to help with some of our projects, etc.

God has truely blessed us with this move and we are thankful and excited about our new adventure in Jackson.

Have a blessed day!

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