Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Friendship is something to be cherished and treasured. I am going to meet one of my best friends for lunch today and just can't wait. A friend loves you at all times, unconditionally, is there to celebrate your ups and there to comfort you when your down. Friendships grow over time and never seem to really fade away. Friendship is like a living plant, you have to water it and nurture it to make the plant grow, you have to make an effort and stay in contact, ask "how you doing today" or "I've missed you so much" when time has passed between conversations or visits. A friend is someone you can lean on and your friend can lean on you. A friend can finish your sentences and laugh with you uncontrolably without saying a word. 

My Mother reminded me the other day of her friend Carol and how they become friends immediately when my parents married at a young age in 1955 and moved into apts in Memphis. My Mother had made a homemade lemon ice box pie and was out hanging up clothes on the line when an upstairs neighbor came down to do the same and Mother offered her a slice of pie while the clothes dried on the line. They have been best friends since 1955 and their friendship continues to grow. They are both older now but never forget to check in on other, a friendship Can last a lifetime. I am thankful and blessed that my parents showed me through their friendships how to be a true friend.
I am so blessed to have to so many wonderful, treasured and cherished friends in my life. I thank God for each and every one of you. I don't know about you but my friends have become part of my family and I'm part of their families. Never take your friends for granted, you can always count on them. My prayer today is for all my friends and their families and I pray our friendships continue to grow and blossom over the years.

F = Fun loving, Faithful
R = Risk being real, even misunderstood
I = Interested in the welfare of others
E= Expect the best of others, Empathic
N = Natural relationship, Non-exclusive
D = Dipliamtic; Delightful; Durable
S = Sympathic; Supportive; Stable
H = Helpful; Hopeful; Happy
I = Interdependent by helping others
P = Patient; Protective of Confidences; Personable

"A friend loves at all times". Proverbs 17:17

Have a blessed day!

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  1. You are the embodiment of a true friend and I love you with all my heart. So happy you are closer and hope to spend more time growing our friendship for a lifetime! You are without a doubt one of the best people i know