Saturday, August 6, 2011


Saturday's the one day a week you typically can sleep in (a little). I awoke this morning to Terry making breakfast. It's always a good day when you smell breakfast cooking and your not the one doing the cooking.

Why is it when you wake up on Saturday, you think "I so need to clean the house"? Well, as I was pondering that this morning, I received a call from my Mom saying she was on her way up to visit which meant I had to do a quick clean before she arrived; it is so nice to have her so close (45 minutes away).  We finished hanging things up in the guest room, looked through old family photos and had quite a few laughs and made a big pot of my spaghetti recipe so she could take some home with her (recipe to follow). I had hoped to get a little shopping in today while she was in town but she wasn't up for it.

Saturday's...lazy days to get a lot accomplished, that's my motto. Today got a lot accomplished, visited with my Mom, ran some errands, dinner is already cooked just need to make a salad and then tonight was can relax and enjoy a movie or two on the sofa.

Have a great Saturday!

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