Thursday, August 4, 2011


Welcome to my blog, Designed by Taste. I plan to incorporate creative ideas, delicious recipes and "how-to" decorating tips in my daily blogs. Thanks for joining in and hope to hear from you soon.

Today's tip of the day: Stay indoors, turn on some music, hug your babies, and enjoy a glass of Orange Iced Tea.

Orange Iced Tea Recipe:

2 Family Sized Tea Bags
1 cup sugar
Water as needed
2 oranges (sliced in cubes-approx 16 cubes)
Decorative Tea Pitcher

Brew 2 family size tea bags in small pan of water. Once boiling, remove from burner and cover with lid to steep for 10 minutes.
In a decorative pitcher (approx 1/2 gallon size), add cold water  to fill 1/2 of pitcher and add 1 cup sugar.
Squeeze juice from 5-6 cubes of orange in pitcher, add remaining slices to pitcher. I like to reserve a few slices for my glass(es).
Pour hot tea (after steeping) into pitcher and stir until sugar is dissolved.
Serve over ice and enjoy (I add a straw and a cube of orange to my individual glass of tea as well).

Have a blessed day!

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